Architectural Control Committee

REVISED POLICY EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All roofing projects, regardless of material, must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.  This is a safeguard to ensure proper materials are being used.
If you are planning on re-roofing your house, below is a list of documents to assist in your decision process.
  1. The GHHA Roofing Confirmation Request Form (April 2016) which must be completed and confirmed prior to your roofing project REGARDLESS OF THE MATERIAL.

  2. The list of GHHA Permitted Alternative Roofing Material (Jan 2020)*, which are the only permitted non-natural roofing options (materials and colors) that will be allowed pursuant to the Roofing Amendment.

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Architectural Committee:

Diane Andersen (414-731-8418)
Melissa Bleidorn, AC Secretary (262-643-4509)
Frank Ball (262-242-0872)
*Effective November 15, 2013, the amendment allowing Permitted Alternative Roofing Materials passed with 73% of the 128 Homeowners voting YES. 
Effective May 1, 2016

Per the GHHA Declaration of Restrictions, “Each owner agrees to purchase, install and permanently maintain at his sole expense one lamppost and mailbox selected by the Committee to be installed where the driveway abuts the lot line.

The GHHA Board will be enforcing adherence to this regulation with an annual review procedure.  Review the GHHA Lamppost Review and Fine Policy (March 2016).

Lamppost Policy Summary:
In May of each year, homeowners' lampposts will be reviewed for their operational status by the ACC.  Those homeowners with a non-operational lamppost will be notified and given 60 days to remedy the situation.  If after 60 days, the lamppost remains non-operational, a $750 fine may be levied against the homeowner.  Note, paying the fine does not remove the responsibility of the homeowner to make the lamppost operational.  This review will be done each year.

All mailbox units must contain a black mailbox, black paper box, post and address numbers.

Black mailboxes and black paper boxes may be of the homeowner’s choosing.  Paper boxes are required.

Address numbers must be placed on both sides of either the mailbox or the paper box.  It is preferred that numbers be placed on the mailbox and be white.

As a service to homeowners, the GHHA contracts with a local hardware store to supply and install a black metal mailbox and black wooden paper box with white address numbers at the homeowner’s expense. Visit the FAQ page for more information.

Posts must be as selected by the Committee at the homeowner’s expense as posted on the FAQ page. Alternative posts are not permitted. 

Mailbox units must be kept in good repair including readable address numbers, painted and/or undented/undamaged mailboxes and paper boxes, and undamaged posts.


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