Gazebo Hill - The History of the Land
by Herbert C. Wuesthoff, Jr.
November 2004
The original acreage of the farm was 160 acres, which was purchased by my parents, the Herbert C. Wuesthoff's, in 1923.  It was previously owned by two farm families, they being Herman Schwerdt who owned 60 acres and William Becker who owned 100 acres. 
The Schwerdt farm was right along the River Road and Donges Bay Road with a log home and two barns plus two small outbuildings.  There was a date of 1864 on a log beam in the basement of this home.  All these buildings were torn down by the developer when Gazebo Hill was established.  Today, only the fieldstone foundation of the barns remain in the backyard of one of the homes.

The Becker 100 acre farm along the east part of the property had a big frame home, large red barn and four outbuildings.  There was a date in the basement of the home of 1865.
My father Herbert C. Wuesthoff fixed up the Becker home in the mid-1920's and early 1930's.  I was six months old when our family moved into this home on March 21, 1929.

Over the years, my parents did a lot of restoration on all the buildings on both farms.,  They came up with the name Patchwork Farms, which everyone knew was the Wuesthoff property.

My parents actually operated it as a farm from 1936 until 1940.  They had 24 Holstein cows and they raised all the grain, hay and corn for these animals.  The cows were sold in 1941 except four which were kept during the war to provide milk, cream and butter for our family.  After the war, these animals were sold and the farm was operated as a cash grain farm.

In 1960 and 1965 some of the acreage in the southeast corner was sold to Herbert C. Wuesthoff, Jr., William Wuesthoff and Joyce W. Povolny, who divided it into building lots and each built new homes there.

The farm was sold in July 1989 to Tomasini-Palmisano Corp and was developed by them.  The total acreage was 144.


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